Prohibited Import and Export of Goods

Dangerous goods such as flammable and explosive goods, national currency, animals and plants are prohibited from import and export

Other commodities that are prohibited from import and export include but are not limited to weapons, precious metals, commodities that need to be frozen or have a limited shelf life, drugs, and national laws and regulations prohibiting circulation or mailed items

The buyer has the right to reject and cancel the order for any order that violates the regulations

All kinds of losses caused by colluding with sellers and concealing the truth shall be at the user's own risk

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The following items cannot be purchased:

1. Various dangerous goods that are explosive, flammable, corrosive, toxic, strong acid-base and radioactive

2. Narcotic drugs and psychoactive substances, such as opium, morphine, cocaine, kogan, etc.

3. Items that are prohibited from circulation or delivery by national laws, such as arms, currency, etc.

4. Perishable items, various live animals (such as fresh fish, fresh meat, etc.)

5. Reactionary newspapers, books, windows or obscene materials, etc.

6. Precious metals such as gold and silver and their products

7. National Currency

8. Foreign currency and its marketable securities

9. Radio transceivers, communication security machines

10. Valuable Chinese herbal medicines

11. General cultural relics

12. Other items restricted by customs

13. Plants, flowers, seeds

14. Foods that need to be frozen and food or products with a limited shelf life

15. Toy guns and toys that are too long (knives or swords)

For any order submitted for illegal items, the buyer has the right to refuse the purchasing and cancel the order. For all kinds of losses caused by collusion with the seller and concealing the truth, the user needs to bear the risk with confidence.