Analysis of Cargo Insurance

Service advantages: will compensate within 1-3 working days once confirmed & insurance rate is only 3%

We will provide compensation for packages with a total value of goods and international shipping fees not exceeding 5,000 RMB. If the value exceeds 5,000 RMB, we will assist customers in transferring claims to Pacific Insurance (CPIC).

Some of the goods have not been delivered or the packaging of the goods you received has been damaged, please indicate the missing quantity or damaged packaging on the delivery receipt and take photos of the receipt and goods to keep as evidence.

If the packaging have been repackaged, and you found that some goods are missing, please take photos of the outer packaging of the goods and the face sheet of the internal package as evidence. Please keep all packaging bags/facesheets until we confirm before discarding them.

Claim notes: please notify customer service for claim within 3 days after receiving the goods.

During the claim process, our customer service may need you to provide relevant documents such as purchase receipts of the goods.

For goods without insurance, the maximum compensation limit for lost goods is 300 RMB.

The claim amount will be calculated based on the value you insured (including international shipping fees).

The loss insurance only covers the risk of goods disappearing.

Damaged fragile items, damages during transportation, or customs detention are not covered by the claim service.

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Economic losses due to loss of packages during international transportation,

According to the policy amount of the insured package, the compensation will be paid according to the 【Loss Insurance】 compensation standard.

Service Advantage

  1. After confirmation, YES will compensate for the compensation within 1-3 working days

  2. Full risk control to ensure customers are protected from economic losses

  3. The insurance rate is only 3% of the insured value of the package

  4. Total product price + international shipping fee = maximum amount of CNY 5,000

    (More than CNY 5000 value can be transferred to Pacific Insurance CPIC, please contact FB customer service for details)

Special Instructions For Partial Loss:

  1. For partial loss of goods, it means that there are multiple pieces of goods under one consignment note, and some of the goods have not been delivered or the outer packaging of the goods you received has been damaged, resulting in partial loss of internal goods. Both of the above situations are required to remark on the dispatcher's receipt note that the number of pieces is missing or the outer packaging is damaged, and take a photo of the receipt and the picture of the goods to collect evidence, because the customer service review and claim process may require proof of this aspect.

  2. According to past experience, it is possible that the outer packaging of the received goods has been repackaged, and the receipt process is not found. After unpacking, it is found that some goods are missing. At this time, please don't worry, first take photos of the outer packaging of the goods and the face sheets of the inner packages in time. Please be sure to temporarily keep all the packaging bags/face sheets until we have verified them here before discarding them.

Claim Notes:

  1. For goods without insurance, if the goods are lost, the maximum claim limit is CNY 300.

  2. For the loss of some goods, please notify our customer service for a claim within 3 days after receipt.

  3. During the claim process, the customer service will ask you for the purchase certificate of the goods and other relevant information, please provide it in a timely manner.

  4. The claim amount is based on your insured value, including international shipping fee.

  5. The loss of goods insurance only bears the risk of missing the goods. For the damage of fragile items/damages caused by the delivery process or customs confiscation, etc., it is not within the scope of this claim service.

YES reserves the right of final treaty interpretation

Subject to change without notice