BuyForMe Authorized Amount

The authorized amount allows buyers to deduct the price difference with your consent

This feature can speed up order placement and eliminate the need to contact users frequently

If there is a discount on the product price or a change in the courier fee, the price difference will be refunded

The final price is subject to the price purchased by the buyer

The authorized amount must be selected when submitting the order

If you do not authorize the amount to be automatically deducted by the buyer, you can choose [Cancel the purchasing order directly and refund]

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Authorized Amount

It means that there is a price difference (courier fee or commodity price) when the buyer places an order and the fee you pay,

You want the buyer to directly place an order and deduct the balance of your CNY account within the price difference of 【1 Buy For Me order】.

The main function of the function is to allow the buyer to process the order quickly, and with your consent, you can directly debit and purchase without frequently notifying users

Why is there a refund / make-up difference or courier fee?

  • The courier fee set by the seller for the product may be inaccurate or the total weight of the product exceeds the first weight courier fee set by the seller, so the buyer will contact the seller after placing the order and adjust the domestic courier fee.The commodity price is sometimes inaccurate It's because there are activities on the day, there are discounts or the prices of goods have started to rise, etc. . . Subject to the price placed by the buyer

  • If the user pays too much, the buyer will refund the difference to the user's account. But the user pays less price difference, and the buyer will deduct the price difference according to the authorized amount.

  • If the price difference that needs to be paid for the Buy For Me is more than the authorized amount, we will contact the customer to ask if we agree to pay the price difference or express delivery fee

Do I have to choose an authorization amount?

  • The user must select the authorized amount, but if you do not authorize the amount to be automatically deducted by the buyer, you can select 【Cancel the Buy For Me order directly and refund】, then the buyer will directly cancel the order and refund if there is a price difference

  • If you do not select 【Cancel the Buy For Me order directly and refund】, the minimum amount is 10 CNY , and the maximum amount is unlimited. Unlimited means without moderation; no limit

  • If the user chooses that the authorized amount is unlimited, we will deduct the money directly from the user's account after the buyer and the seller confirm the price

Once the purchase is completed, if you do not agree with the price or want to cancel the order, you can contact our customer service, we will contact the seller to ask if you can cancel the order

However, if the seller has already shipped the goods or the seller does not accept the refund, the order cannot be cancelled, and the user will be responsible for it, and our company cannot refund.