Difference of BuyForMe and Self-purchase

BuyForMe is a service where we help you buy products on wholesale platforms

Users only need to pay in MYR or SGD, choose your products, and submit your order

Through BuyForMe, users can enjoy limited-time promotions and other preferential activities

We do not charge additional service fees for BuyForMe orders, and the final purchase price will be based on the price when the purchaser placed the order

Self-purchase means that users purchase products from Chinese sellers

After the product arrives at our warehouse, the user can log in to the cloud warehouse to check the package and submit the international waybill

BuyForMe service is more convenient and faster; self-purchase requires customers to be responsible for purchase and payment

BuyForMe service is suitable for customers who are not familiar with the purchase process or are inconvenient to pay in RMB; self-purchase customers can choose and purchase products more flexibly

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Buy For Me

Buy For Me service is that we help you to buy on Taobao, Tmall and 1688 wholesale platforms, and you only need to pay MYR and SGD, and then you select the product and submit the order, and use the CNY balance in (my wallet) to pay , we'll help you through the shopping process. Simple and time saving!

Buy For ME service can enjoy limited-time promotions, holiday specials, Taobao membership discounts, etc. You only need to pay the freight of the goods and the freight to our Guangzhou warehouse (if any), there is no add-on service fee for the purchase order, and the final purchase price is based on The price of the order placed by the buyer shall prevail, more refunds and less compensation.

Self-service Purchase And Transfer

Self-service purchase means that users purchase products from sellers or platforms in China, and then send the products to our international shipping warehouse, and only use our shipping services. After the package arrives at the warehouse, the warehouse staff will arrange for the package to be put into the warehouse, and the user can go to the cloud warehouse to view and submit the Ship For Me

Note: After the seller ships the goods, please ask the seller for the invoice number in time and add the package to the cloud warehouse, so that your package can be accurately stored in your account.