Customs Inspection

Customs inspection means that during the process of importing and exporting goods, the customs inspects the goods according to the law

The purpose of customs inspection is to protect national security, safeguard public interests, and curb illegal activities such as smuggling and tax evasion

Customs inspection can be divided into on-site inspection and off-site inspection

On-site inspection refers to customs conducting physical inspection and sample testing of goods at ports, airports, and other entry and exit ports; off-site inspection refers to customs inspecting goods through electronic data checking

Enterprises engaged in import and export trade must strictly declare in accordance with customs regulations

If customs discovers that an enterprise provides false information or violates relevant regulations, it may impose penalties

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Customs inspection refers to the fact that the customs, after accepting the declaration of the customs declaration unit, conducts an actual inspection of the goods in order to determine whether the nature, origin, condition, quantity and value of the inbound and outbound goods are consistent with the detailed contents filled in the goods declaration form. Administrative law enforcement. Inspection is a legal administrative power entrusted to the customs by the state, and it is also an essential and important link in the customs clearance process.

The inspection carried out by the customs can be a thorough inspection or a random inspection. Inspection operations can be divided into manual inspection and equipment inspection. The customs can determine the specific inspection method according to the situation of the goods and the actual needs of law enforcement. Manual inspection includes appearance inspection and unpacking inspection. Appearance inspection refers to the inspection of the packaging, transportation signs and appearance of the goods with intuitive external characteristics and easy to judge the basic attributes; unpacking inspection refers to taking out the goods from containers, container boxes and other boxes and removing the outer packaging. Check the actual condition of the goods. When the goods meet the customs inspection, we will fully cooperate with the customs requirements until the goods are successfully cleared.