Security Check Failed

Packages containing sensitive goods may be returned/confiscated/fined by customs when shipped through normal channels

After receiving a return notice, we will contact the customer to confirm

Reship through sensitive channels will need to pay the difference in shipping fees

An operation fee of CNY 30/Ship For Me order will be charged for returned packages

Common sensitive goods: liquids/powders/batteries/magnets, food, cosmetics, health products, branded/imitation goods

Goods that are not accepted for shipment: compressed gas sprays (such as hair spray), cars, tobacco and alcohol, fireworks, explosive and flammable items, lighters, jewelry, and goods that are prohibited or require import licenses

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1. Why is the package being returned?

-The package contains sensitive goods but take the normal goods channel will result in the package being returned / confiscated / fined by customs, etc.

2. What should I do if the package is returned?

- After receiving the return notice, our company will contact the customer to confirm that we should directly arrange for resending to sensitive channels or return it to our Guangzhou warehouse for unpacking inspection before making arrangements.

3. Is there any extra charge for the returned item which can't pass the security check?

-Yes, our company will charge an operation fee of CNY 30/Ship For Me order for the returned package

4. How to calculate the shipping cost if the item is returned?

- The original freight charges will not be refunded, and customers need to make up the freight difference if they want to transfer to sensitive channels and re-export

Common sensitive goods: goods containing liquid/powder/battery/magnet, food, cosmetics, health care products, brand/imitation brand goods (Charles & Keith/Gucci/Nike/PlayBoy/Coach/Vans, etc.)

Cargo not carried: compressed gas spray (such as hairspray), automobile (whole unit), automobile battery (with liquid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, etc.), automobile engine, tobacco and alcohol, fireworks, explosives and flammables, lighters, gold/silver jewellery, and all goods prohibited by Malaysia and Singapore customs or import licenses

Special customs clearance goods: mobile phones, laptop computers, desktop computers, tablet computers, goods requiring advance notice and additional customs clearance fees