Simplified Return Process for Users

If the user requests a return, the buyer will contact the seller for confirmation

If the seller agrees to return, we will arrange to process the return

Users need to bear the express fee and handling fee of the return

The domestic express fee paid in the order cannot be refunded, and the seller only refunds the price of the product

Please note that the costs and time involved in the specific return and return process may vary according to the actual situation

We will try our best to assist users and sellers to solve problems and ensure the smooth progress of returns and exchanges

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Return Instruction

The user does not want this package to contact customer service to ask for the return to the seller, and the buyer will contact the seller to ask if they accept the return. If the seller accepts the return, we will contact the warehouse to arrange the return to the seller, but the user needs to bear the return courier fee and operating fee. However, the order will be paid to the domestic courier fee and will not be returned. Because the payment has been paid to the courier company, the seller will only return the product price after receiving the goods

Return Process

  • The user contact customer service to request returns

  • Sees contact the seller to ask if they accept the return

  • Sel seller accepts the return, the purchaser will notify the warehouse arrangement

  • After the return of the warehouse is arranged, we will notify the user whether to agree to return the courier fee and operating fee (the cost is required for the warehouse to arrange the return after the return)

  • We user agreed that we will deduct the amount on the user account

  • When the seller receives the goods and refund it to us, we will notify the financial processing refund to the user (the refund to the user is expected within 3-5 days)


The reasons for users can choose to return and exchange, the buyer will help users contact the seller to communicate

  1. After the package reaches the warehouse, the user chooses to disassemble the package to find that the goods can be returned and exchanged

  2. The seller sends wrong goods or wraps in the warehouse and found parcels and commodity damage. We will notify users and sellers to contact the seller to handle the return and exchange

  3. The user wants to replace the product style, size, color, etc.

Return And Exchange Process

  • Accordis, if the parcel is damaged or sent wrong, etc., we will notify the user and contact the seller to deal with it

  • When we confirm with the seller, we will notify the warehouse to arrange to be returned to the seller (if the seller's wrong return courier fee shall be borne by the seller)

  • After receiving the goods, the seller will arrange the correct goods to the warehouse.

  • When the package reaches the warehouse, the user can choose to disassemble the package inspection or directly submit the Ship For Me order