Learn about fees and purchasing services

If the e-commerce seller states "free shipping" or "seller covers shipping," users do not need to pay for domestic shipping in China

Otherwise, users are responsible for both the product price and domestic shipping within China

Our purchasing service can help users overcome the inconvenience of international payments

We also provide goods inspection to minimize risks associated with cross-border shopping

If users receive damaged or missing items, they can contact our customer service to assist them in communicating with the seller for resolution.

The final solution is subject to the seller's handling method

After the package arrives at the warehouse, if the user does not want the package, they can choose the return service

However, we will need to contact the seller to confirm their acceptance of the return. If the seller agrees, we will arrange the return.

Please note that if China domestic shipping have been paid to the seller for the purchasing order, they cannot be refunded

The seller will only refund the product price, and the user will be responsible for the return shipping and handling fees.

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-Free Buy For Me service fee

-The user needs to pay the product price + domestic shipping fee in China > If the e-commerce seller indicates "free shipping" or "seller bears the waybill", that is, the user does not need to pay the domestic shipping fee

-Users choosing purchasing agents can solve the problem of inconvenient overseas payment for you

-Buy For Mecan integrate multiple products for you to mail together, saving international shipping costs

-Buy For Me can check for you, classify general goods and sensitive goods to reduce the risk of cross-border shopping

-If the product received by the user is damaged or missing, you can contact our customer service, we will assist you to contact the seller to communicate and deal with it, but we are subject to the seller's handling method

-After the package arrives at the warehouse, the user can choose to unpack and check the product. If the goods are not on the right board or the package is no longer needed, the user can choose the return service. But before returning the goods, we need to contact the seller for approval. If the seller agrees, we will notify the warehouse to arrange the return.

-Users need to pay return courier fee + operation fee. If the Buy For Me order has paid domestic shipping to the seller, it cannot be refunded. The seller will only return the product price after receiving the goods. Please know