Role of Customs and Taxation in Cross-border Trade

Customs and taxation are essential components of international transportation.

Customs is responsible for monitoring and inspecting goods; tax authorities collect various taxes and fees related to international transportation.

Agencies work together to ensure safe and efficient international shipping.

It also enforces compliance with local laws and regulations.

Shipping channels without tax require users to prepay in advance.

Example: users need to prepay 8% consumption tax (GST) for Singapore sea shipping.

Please declare the name, quantity, and value of the goods truthfully.

If false reporting or omission leads to customs inspections or fines, the user will be responsible for all consequences.

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Customs is a government agency responsible for collecting and protecting customs duties, controlling the entry and exit logistics of animals, plants, property and dangerous goods, and quarantining entry and exit personnel. The import and export of certain goods may be restricted or prohibited according to local legal regulations, and customs brokers enforce these regulations.

In most countries, customs are authorized by the government and licensed under international law.

Customs duties are fees or taxes charged when goods enter (common) or exit (uncommon).

*Some transportation channels do not include tax, which requires the user to prepay in advance or the relevant department personnel will contact the customer to collect the fees after the goods arrive in the destination country.

For example, for the Singapore sea shipping channel, users need to pay GST 8% when paying for the international freight; if there is no advance prepayment, the relevant personnel will contact the user to pay for the fees after arrival, and then make delivery arrangements.

*Users are requested to declare truthfully. If they are subject to customs inspection or fines due to concealment/false reporting, all consequences shall be borne by the user.