Choose the Right Shipping Method for Fast Delivery

Air freight is faster and suitable for customers who need goods urgently.

We collaborate with multiple courier companies and we also offer free throw discounts.

Delivery time of small sea shipping is slightly longer than air freight, but more economical.

The goods are delivered by local courier companies, suitable for goods within 20kg and small in size, and the billing method is full throw billing.

Private sea shipping is suitable for mailing large-volume or heavy goods, economical price but the transportation time is slower.

The weight limit of 1 cubic meter is 500KG, and the overweight calculation method is to divide the actual weight by 500KG to calculate the billable cubic number.

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Air Freight

  • For urgently needed goods, you can choose the air freight channel for delivery. The air freight transportation process is quicker, so that users can receive the goods as soon as possible.

  • Multiple courier companies to choose from, such as: ABX / DHL / GDEX, etc.

  • Provide free throw discount, for details, please check the channel billing policy when submitting the waybill

Small Sea Shipping

  • Using the sea container method, the delivery time will be longer than air freight but the cost is cheaper than air freight

  • After arriving in the destination country, it will be delivered by the local express company (ABX/SKYNET)

  • Suitable for cargo within 20kg and small volume

  • Full-throwing billing method, the actual weight and volumetric weight whichever higher will be billed

  • Singapore small sea shipments are subject to GST 8% prepaid according to the value of the goods

Private Sea Shipping

  • Suitable for transporting bulky or heavier cargo

  • Economic price, easy customs clearance, but slow transportation time, suitable for users who are not in a hurry to receive the goods

  • The volume limit of 1 cubic meter is 500KG. The calculation method of overweight is: actual weight/500KG=billing cubic meters. The volume weight and actual weight whichever higher will be billed

  • There are additional ouskirts area delivery fees in some areas of West Malaysia/East Malaysia

  • Singapore sea shipping needs to prepay GST 8% according to the value of the goods