Consolidate and Save Money!

Users can consolidate all the packages from different sellers into one and submit an international shipping order.

Consolidated packaging helps users save on shipping costs and provides the convenience of receiving all their items.

Three packages weighing 0.64kg, 1.10kg, and 1.7kg

Total shipping cost would be 144 RMB if ship separately; and total shipping cost would be 100 RMB if consolidate three packages into one.

Open with [Yes GoShop] App Consolidation Parcel Consolidation Parcel

Consolidation Parcel means that after multiple packages sent by different sellers on the shopping platform arrive at our Guangzhou warehouse, users can choose all packages to submit the Ship For Me order uniformly.

Consolidation Parcel and delivery can save users more freight and facilitate users to sign for goods.

Take West Malaysia Normal Cargo Air Freight as an example:

West Malaysia normal cargo air freight is CNY 35 for the first 1kg, and CNY 13 for the next every 0.5kg

If you have 3 packages weighing 0.64kg, 1.10kg and 1.7kg, then the shipping charges for separate shipping are:

(35)+(35+13)+(35+13*2)= CNY 144

If 3 packages are collectively packaged and sent as 1 package, the total weight is 0.64kg+1.10kg+1.7kg=3.44kg, and the shipping fee is:

35+(13*5)= CNY 100

In total, you can save: 144-100= CNY 44.