Cloud Warehouse - Consolidate management solution Guangzhou

What is Cloud Warehouse service?

Free storage space up to 30 days

Efficient operations managed by Malaysians

Cloud Warehouse Procedure

What is the different with Taobao official?

Shipping fee with competitive

Support shipment from 1688 wholesale

Multi language with Chinese, English and Bahasa melayu

Four Things You Should Know

Self-purchase products, how should I do?

Send to our warehouse

Add parcel after seller shiped

Choose your favorite products at Taobao,1688 wholesale or factory

Set as our Cloud Warehouse address

Add parcel after seller shiped

Select your parcel and delivery method from Cloud Warehouse to place ShipForMe order and then payment

What is Cloud Warehouse?

Who is suitable use for?

Why should I add parcel information?

What happens if not add in parcel information?

We will base on the ID code on parcel to store in to you as unknown status and then you are required to verify it to unlock

You can self manage your parcel in China, 30 days is enough time to buy multiple products and consolidate together for deliver to you

If product does not match photo or is defective, we will help you return and exchange the product in China

Free Service Fee

Support PC/H5 website and IOS and Android system

We have many year experience and know what you need

One price includes all costs, no hidden charge

Open with [Yes GoShop] App ShipForMe Tutorial 1 7 step Seller shipped parcel Taobao Sync Add parcel Log in to your Taobao account
1.When you place order, kindly fill up the receiver name, phone number and address with ID code as we provide

2.For Self Purchase, enter parcel shipping details of your parcel to store in Clour Warehouse correctly. For BuyForMe service our agent will help you add
Select the goods to be sent to the warehouse and follow the prompts
Support multiple selection, and then click [Add Parcel]
2 7 step Cloud Warehouse Parcel will be sent to our Cloud Warehouse in Guangzhou
Can Track the parcel status on [In Transit]
Parcel arrive at Cloud Warehouse
Next you can:
1.Select parcel to submit ShipForMe order from Cloud Warehouse.

2.Continue to buy more products for consolidate together and save more the shipping cost!
1.Free storage for up to 30 days.
2.Parcel collection fee CNY2/parcel.
Add-on service description:
1.Cloud Warehouse provides a variety of additional services, which can be based on your individual needs to allow warehouse staff to inspect the goods for you, returns to seller, etc…

2.For fragile products are recommended request an Add-on service to inspection + reinforced to reduce the risk of damage.
3 7 step Submit ShipForMe order Select parcel to submit ShipForMe order from [Cloud Warehouse]
Fill in your address information, choose the delivery method, value-added services, declaration information, Insurance
1.Contraband: Weapons, animals, currency, flammable materials, tobacco etc and other restricted export by China.

2.Limited: Imitation brands, contraband, powders, liquids, food, batteries etc need to be sent for security check as Sensitive Item.

3.Parcels are delivered by third-parties, you are required to self-assessment and bear this risk.

4.As a service platform, we integrate multi third-party logistics providers to provide you with BuyForMe and ShipForMe services. But do not bear the risks caused by customs policies and cross-border logistics such as fines, damages, parcel lost, delivery delays, etc. However, we will help to provide timely risk reminders, delivery insurance, etc to reduce the risk.
4 7 step Pay for the shipping fee One price to deliver to you
1.Prepay are system calculated data and only for estimation, if unsuccessful will full refund. Charges are subject to warehouse final measured data.

2.Payment methods: FPX (Paynet)、senangPay、Tng、Boost、Visa Mastercard 、eNETS Gateway 、Alipay 、WeChat etc…
5 7 step Warehouse shipped parcel Airfreight booking, / container loading, customs declaration and more according to the delivery method you choose
Accordance with the details of the items you have declare. You will be subjected to import duties (if any)
6 7 step Tracking Track it in [ShipForMe]
Click [Track] to view the progress
Deliver successfully Click [Received] for this order
Thank you for choosing our service!